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Maximize Your Potential

Neurologics offers a safe, FDA-approved approach. Processing technology used by aerospace scientists. Diagnosis and treatment methods sought out by leading professional football players and other exceptional performers. Selected by MIT editors as a top innovation in behavioral health. Most importantly: a history of proven results.

What Our clients are saying

There’s a person behind each of our Proven Outcomes. Hear what Neurologics clients have to say.

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Build Peak Performance

Fundamentally, Neurologics diagnostic and training technologies are about maximizing brain performance. Naturally, our program is therefore useful for those seeking treatment for a wide variety of issues. But the power of our program only begins there. Our approach gives you the power to neuroengineer yourself to peak performance. Performance in what? In any set of complex tasks confronted by your brain—see popular, exciting applications of Neurologics for Peak Performance below…


Accurate Diagnosis + Effective Treatment = Proven Outcomes

Step 1:

Accurate Diagnosis

The electroencephalogram (EEG) has been used as a diagnostic tool for decades. But limitations in sensor and data analysis technology have hampered the ability of the EEG to live up to its true diagnostic potential. With Neurologics Quantitative EEG (qEEG) methods, that potential has been radically unleashed. Using FDA-approved methods, Neurologics measures signals from three hundred locations within the brain, and analyzes the wealth of data using proprietary, best-in-field processing technology. The results, as summarized in your individual Report of Findings, form the basis for diagnoses of unparalleled accuracy and targeted treatment plans that confer lasting results.

Step 2:

Effective Treatment

With Neurologics richly detailed, accurate diagnosis in hand, you are empowered to begin truly customized, field-leading qEEG treatment. Under the guidance of expert clinicians, you’ll undertake a series of sessions which pair specific brain-training exercises with qEEG analysis. Key to our approach is that we measure activity as the brain performs significant tasks. Amazingly, you can even conduct the majority of these powerful sessions from the comfort of your own home. As your progress evolves, we continue to collect abundant qEEG data to continually refine your treatment. The enduring results you can achieve with this program of may well transform your life.

The Neurologics team brings two critical features to your treatment: Experience in imaging and treatment of more brains than anyone else; Constant improvements and updates in our technology. That’s why we can be so confident that you’ll see progress.

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Neurologics anywhere

Almost as exciting as the power of Neurologics programs themselves is the fact that you can engage them from wherever you are.

What this means:

  • Available anywhere there is a strong internet connection.
  • A private Neuroengineering Coach functions like a personal trainer for your brain.
  • Professional athletes take Neurologics on the road with them.
  • Brain Mapping can be performed in your home or office.
  • Neuroengineering Technologists fly to you.
  • Do Neurologics while on vacation, from within your hotel.
  • Traveling executives take Neurologics technology all over the world.
  • Children with special needs can be treated from home.

What to expect

Building on a foundation of state-of-the-art technology, Neurologics gets results by applying that technology in the most customized way, tailoring your program to the real-life activities of your own singular brain. From your first intake meeting, through brain mapping, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing evaluation, Neurologics applies its power and expertise to creating the best outcomes for you.


How Neurologics Works

You don’t need to understand the science and technology behind Neurologics in order to benefit from it. But you might want to learn more about it. Learning more, you’ll see how Neurologics stands out from other electroencephalogram-based therapies right from the start by collecting more data, with more precision, from more brain locations than any other approach. Armed with that data, Neurologics further distinguishes itself by processing the data much more powerfully than others do, to extract more meaningful insights and better diagnoses. From there, clients enter a positive cycle of progress in which accurate diagnoses lead to more effective treatments, which support even more refined treatments – with Neurologics’ unparalleled technology, expertise and continuous program development informing each step along the way. Feel free to explore the linked resources to delve more deeply into the science that backs Neurologics.

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Where is our technology
being used?

You don’t have to take our word for it. We invite you to examine some of the programs and institutions that have already seen what Neurologics can do for their own clients. And the list continually grows. Upon request, we will be happy to facilitate conversations with these programs to help you appreciate what Neurologics can do for you.