May 2024 Newsletter

Advocating for Mental Health Awareness Dear Brain Health Community, Welcome to the May edition of the Neurologics Monthly Newsletter! At Neurologics, our commitment to understanding and addressing the complexities of the human brain is unwavering. During Mental Health Awareness Month, we stand alongside millions worldwide in amplifying the dialogue surrounding mental health, striving for greater awareness and long-lasting solutions. Mental Health Awareness Month Neurologics is committed to providing hope and solutions to those experiencing mental health challenges. Using Neurologics [...]

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April 2024 Newsletter

Uniting for Inclusivity and Wellness: Stress Awareness and Autism Awareness Month Dear Brain Health Community, This month, as we commemorate Autism Awareness Month and Stress Awareness Month, the Neurologics team is committed to fostering inclusivity, promoting brain health and well-being, and driving forward understanding and acceptance for all. Join us as we delve into transformative stories, innovative solutions, and the boundless potential of the human mind. Stories of Success: Transformative Testimonials “He is becoming much more confident and [...]

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March 2024 Newsletter

Empowering Recovery and Building Community: Achieving Brain Health and Resilience Together Dear Brain Health Community, Welcome back to the March edition of the Neurologics newsletter. As we mark Brain Injury Awareness Month, we extend our heartfelt support to all those impacted by brain injuries. We understand the challenges, the uncertainties, and the resilience required on this journey. Neurologics' mission is to provide solutions for optimal brain health. Our tailored optimization programs address traumatic brain injuries and concussions to offer hope and [...]

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February 2024 Newsletter

Super Bowl Spotlight: Championing Brain Health in Athletics Dear Brain Health Community,Welcome back to the February edition of the Neurologics monthly newsletter! This month, Team Neurologics made its way to Las Vegas for the 58th Super Bowl. Neurologics spokesperson and NFL Super Bowl champion, Stephen Hauschka, joined the team for a week of connection and celebration. Neurologics Dominates Las Vegas Scene at NFL Super Bowl LVIII Team Neurologics geared up to experience the thrilling action on and off the field. [...]

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January 2024 Newsletter

Mindful Beginnings: Tackling Brain Health in 2024 Dear Brain Health Community,Welcome to the first Neurologics newsletter of 2024! In this edition, we're eager to share exciting and meaningful updates about brain health. Join us in celebrating the journey ahead and cherishing moments of growth. Here's to a year of well-being, health, and shared successes! Introducing the Groundbreaking Podcast "Tackling Brain Health" "Tackling Brain Health" is a groundbreaking podcast where Neurologics founder Karen Odell-Barber and former Naval Officer and NFL player [...]

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Alzheimer’s disease research: frustration, perseverance and hope

Hope is a tricky thing. It can be difficult to decide what to hope for, how much emotion to invest in that hope and how to transfer hope from frustrated outcomes to new ones. After all, the psychological cost of fallen hopes is high—especially so when those hopes are for significant progress towards the treatment or cure of a life-stealing disease. A disease like Alzheimer’s. The field of Alzheimer’s disease research has taken some hits lately, in the form of some disappointingly failed clinical trials [...]

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Depression: Affecting Others, Resisting Treatment

Many people suffering from depression don’t seriously contemplate treatment when considering only themselves and their own experience of life. This truth is sad, of course, but also consistent with the effects of depression itself. For such people, sometimes only when they perceive how the disease has negatively impacted others (e.g., family relationships, job performance) do they “surrender” to treatment. And afterwards, they regret having held out for so long, especially when they regain some of the self-worth stolen from them by their depression. Can you [...]

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Escaping the Rabbit Hole: Diagnosis of Learning Differences

I just want to do the best for my son. When he was in second grade, the notes starting coming home. The calls to pick him up early from school. Unruly? Defiant? Whatever...sometimes you just get one of those teachers… But honestly, I began to see some of the same behaviors at home. I didn’t want to accept it, but it was true—sometimes. Most of the time, he was the same happy, energetic kid he’d always been. But increasingly, he’d fall into distracted, sullen fits, [...]

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Children in Recovery: The Dreaded Phone Call

None of the parenting books you read told you about what it would be like to discover him passed out and pale at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. None of your plans for celebrating high school graduation included an appointment with a lawyer to discuss options for his DUI. And certainly, none of your parenting chats with friends and family prepared you for the day you kicked your kid out of the house until he agreed to go to rehab. But you—somehow—managed. Your kid agreed [...]

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Childhood Cognitive Ability: Seize the Day!

We all intuitively know that childhood is a critical window for cognitive development. And research massively backs our intuition. Opportunities to build strengths and resilience are seized--or missed--during the childhood years. And the more we learn, the greater the benefits of addressing cognitive issues during childhood seem to be. To take just one recent example, consider the results of a recent, large-scale and long-term study published in JAMA Psychiatry (also described briefly here). Studying more than 4000 individuals, from birth through age 20, the work [...]

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