Peak Performance

Through decades of study, practice and grinding effort, you have invested a lifetime into developing cognitive skills. And they have served you well. With Neurologics, you have at your disposal a tool of unequaled precision and power to increase even further the return on that investment. Gain a deeper understanding of the brain activities that support your strengths and explain your weaknesses. Then target those very activities for development in a way that only Neurologics can offer. Whether you are a competitive athlete, advanced student, high-level executive or are undergoing menopause, Neurologics has a customized program for you.

Neurologics targeted optimization effective for:

  • Competitive athletes
  • Students looking for academic improvement in competitive education environments
  • High-level executives
  • Women going through menopause
  • Adults with a family history of dementia
  • Students with a diagnosis of ADHD
  • Addiction
  • Learning differences

The beauty of Neurologics is that you can do all this in the comfort of your home. We bring the equipment to you for testing (qEEG Brain Mapping) and then you do your targeted neuroengineering at home with our guidance.