Concussion & Brain Injury

Because quantitative EEG directly and rapidly measures brain activity in specific regions, it is a powerful weapon in the arsenal against the symptoms of traumatic brain injury. For concussion symptoms in particular, qEEG offers exceptional opportunities for targeted, effective use, which is why qEEG technology has become of great interest to professional football players and other high-performing athletes. Issues with memory, attention and cognitive function can be more precisely assessed and potentially improved through our innovative approach.

Traumatic brain injury can impact learning, memory, and cognitive function even years after the incident. Neurologics helps map the areas of the brain impacted and develops an optimization plan to improve brain function. The types of injury treated: traumatic accident (car accident, childhood fall), military-related such as concussive injury due to explosions, sports-related such as football, hockey, soccer, and other contact sports that can result in impacts to the head.