Alzheimer’s Treatment Research: a Long and Winding Road

The search for a viable drug to combat Alzheimer’s keeps taking hits, with a few more drugs-in-trial proving ineffective:…/sc-hlth-why-alzheimers-is-h…

This is maybe not so surprising; Alzheimer’s is a notoriously complicated disease, and high-powered research on it has really ramped up only over the last decade. Untangling its root causes, markers and opportunities for intervention will take time! And it will probably happen incrementally, withoccasional fits and starts. In the meantime, we at Neurologics are excited about the proven ability of our advanced brain mapping and customized treatment programs to help slow and reverse the progression of some of Alzeimer’s-related cognitive decline. Our clients have experienced significant gains in long term memory and learning ability. Learn more! Visit Neurologics today at

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