Substance Recovery and Relapse

Do you know someone in recovery from substance abuse? Have you suffered with them through past relapses? Although relapse is a common feature of recovery, many relapses are avoidable. If you're connected to someone at risk for the agonizing ordeal of substance abuse relapse, please--connect them with us! Neurologics advanced brain mapping and customized neurotraining programs are highly effective in prolonging sobriety. Please visit us at and make contact today.

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Social Anxiety Therapy and “Connectomics”

Did you know that up to 12% of Americans will experience clinically significant social anxiety over the course of their lifetime? That's a lot of Americans--especially so for anyone who has personally suffered from the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. Intriguingly, a recent study of adolescents with social anxiety showed that maps of brain connectivity--how activity in one region of the brain influences activity in other regions--were powerful predictors of how well the adolescents would respond to therapy for their condition: In fact, connectivity [...]

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Chronic Pain’s Connection to “Mind Wandering” and ADHD

If you or a loved one have ever dealt with chronic pain, you know from personal experience how deeply intertwined pain and thinking ability can be. Here's a summary of a recent study that directly examined the high frequency of ADHD in persons suffering from fibromyalgia: (…/fibromyalgia-patients-show-high-cooc…) The researchers believe that the "mind wandering" symptoms of ADHD and the "fibro fog" cognitive impairment often described by fibromyalgia patients may be related to the same faulty neurochemistry that produces fibromyalgia's pain. A major strength of Neurologics' [...]

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Former NFL Player Eric Hipple: an Agonizing Story of TBI and its Toll

Check out this article--by turns disturbing and inspiring--about the journey of former Detroit Lion quarterback, Eric Hipple:…/eric-hipple-mens-me…/109087956/ Years of untreated depression led him down a dark and suffocating path pocked by divorce, apathy, a suicide attempt, substance abuse and a brief imprisonment. When Eric's own teenage son took his own life due to depression, Eric made a crucial pivot not only towards dealing seriously with his own illness, but becoming a generative force in helping other men to do the same. Eric's outreach work focuses [...]

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Depression and The Holiday Season

For those in addiction recovery, the holidays can be grueling, bringing with them anxiety and greater risk of relapse. Do you have friends or loved ones in struggling with recovery? This season, point them in our direction! Neurologics' brain mapping and custom neurotraining programs have a strong record of success with those in recovery, significantly reducing the likelihood of relapse and increasing the likelihood of remaining in treatment programs. Come learn more at

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Overactivated Brain Regions in PTSD

Did you know that brain mapping can detect areas of the brain that are "overactivated" in persons who suffer from PTSD? Neurologics' customized neurotraining programs can help PTSD sufferers to regulate this activity--giving them greater understanding and control of their own experience. If you or someone you love suffers from PTSD, come explore what Neurologics can do! Visit us at

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Probing Cognitive Flexibility

Check out this summary of an intriguing new study by researchers at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania:…/ It examines how cognitive flexibility--the brain's ability to shift between modes of mental functioning--is connected to how closely patterns of brain activity align with underlying patterns of structure in white matter. The results represent another step towards understanding the connection between brain structures, their measurable activities, and important human behaviors. These sorts of connections are vital to Neurologics' mission, and studies like this one show [...]

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Diagnosing Root Causes in Developmental Delay

Are you the parent of a child with a developmental delay? Are you frustrated with conflicting or ill-fitting diagnoses? Do you feel like your amazing kid's possibilities could be endless, if only the real issue were made clear? At Neurologics, we hear you. Come visit us at to learn more about how Neurologics' powerful brain mapping technology can help provide some clarity!

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Customized Alternative to Medication for ADHD

Did you know that there are powerful alternatives to medication and traditional therapy for ADHD, mood disorders? These alternatives can also be especially helpful supplements to drug- and talk-based therapies. Perhaps you've already considered several alternatives, but are uncertain about their safety or efficacy. You're asking the right questions! We at Neurologics applaud your careful research, and encourage you to investigate quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG), a powerful method for mapping activities and formulating custom treatment programs. And we invite you to visit us at to see just [...]

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Discovery: “Barrel Structures” for Sorting Sensory Input

A fascinating new study out of Michigan State has uncovered previously unseen "barrel structures", deep within the brain's cortex, that contribute to how the brain receives sensory data from the environment and decides what to pay attention to and what to ignore (…/new-discovery-deepens-understand…/). These processes are critically important! The task of sorting and prioritizing the endless reams of data taken in by our senses is massive, and how well the brain does that task determines what we ultimately experience as "reality". At Neurologics, we are [...]

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