Check out this article–by turns disturbing and inspiring–about the journey of former Detroit Lion quarterback, Eric Hipple:…/eric-hipple-mens-me…/109087956/

Years of untreated depression led him down a dark and suffocating path pocked by divorce, apathy, a suicide attempt, substance abuse and a brief imprisonment. When Eric’s own teenage son took his own life due to depression, Eric made a crucial pivot not only towards dealing seriously with his own illness, but becoming a generative force in helping other men to do the same. Eric’s outreach work focuses on athletes, veterans and first responders, groups at acute risk for depression and anxiety disorders–often untreated. Neurologics salute Eric Hipple for his transformation and good work. Come visit Neurologics today at to see how advanced Brain Mapping and custom neurotraining programs can make a real difference in treating depression and anxiety.