Did you know that standard CT and MRI scans are severely limited in their ability to detect mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI)? MBTIs, such as most concussions, account for up to 75% of all TBIs, but frequently go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. The problem is that these injuries can lack obvious outward symptoms, and can be easily missed by the usual array of diagnostic technologies. Don’t let the word “mild” fool you–MTBIs can leave victims with debilitating and chronic impairments in thinking, psychology and behavior. Neurologics is a leader in visualizing and optimizing impaired brain activity. If you have suffered what may be an MBTI and are experiencing headaches, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, changes in behavior or mood, dizziness, fatigue, or problems with memory, contact us today at https://neurologics.com/ to learn how we can help!